Sunday, October 18, 2009

Health care reform shorts:
Without reform, women pay more and get less

Six women U.S. Senators speak up for reform in this short [3:17] clip. A couple of issues I didn't know about:
  • insurers can and do treat pregnancy or plans to adopt as "pre-existing conditions" for which they refuse coverage;
  • being a victim of domestic violence also leads to denial of insurance.
I found it interesting to get a look at these women. I don't watch TV (except football) so I had no visual image of most of them. They came across as rather ordinary looking, if successful adult women (no cute young things here.) Having long had a couple of women Senators myself, (one adequate, the other loathsome), I'm used to thinking of women in office. But there are still only 17 women among the 100 Senators.

H/t Our Bodies, Our Blog.


Anonymous said...

Very poor approach to deny coverge to women (OR men!) who report and seek treatment for domestic violence --or even pregnancy or diabetes! When a person notes a problem and seeks to improve that, it helps the quality of their own family life, but also the EXPENSES (medical AND social) for us ALL! How SHORT-SIGHTED!!!

Darlene said...

This is just another reason that the public option must be included in the final bill.

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