Monday, October 26, 2009

Health care reform shorts:
When the artists come out, you know it's real

When the signs at the demonstration show individual creativity, I tend to trust that I am seeing an expression of some kind of authentic popular excitement. Maybe there's even a movement. Folks who frequent this blog know I'll photograph the interesting ones.

The same goes for YouTube creations. The progressive push for an authentic health care reform is producing them in quantity. Here's one addressed to Democrats. [:37]

H/t litbrit at Cogitamus.

Then there's this improbable gem [6:49]:

"How could this wealthy country be so god-damned dense?"

H/t Time Goes By and Elderwoman Blog.


Darlene said...

Money talks louder than voters. Ronnie posted on her blog that the next thing we need to fight for is campaign finance reform. Amen!

Kay Dennison said...

The various fights/crusades we need to fight are legion in number.
I doubt they'll be one in my lifetime.

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