Saturday, May 15, 2010

An ethical deficit?

Perhaps it is because my partner teaches "Service Learning" to college students that I find this story so upsetting. Her young people go out to do useful (or not) work with community organizations and return to the classroom to try to understand rigorously what their activity means within the philosophical discipline of ethics.

Andre Walker writes:

AmeriCorps is like a domestic Peace Corps. It allows Americans to give back to their community, serve those in need and make a dramatic impact upon the world they live in. AmeriCorps is a program worthy of recognition by the United States Congress.

Unfortunately, 128 Republican members of Congress --72 percent of their caucus-- voted against a resolution that simply says we salute AmeriCorps; we acknowledge the accomplishments of AmeriCorps; and we recognize the contributions of AmeriCorps.

It is difficult for me, as a former AmeriCorps member, to understand why 72 percent of the House Republican Conference voted "No" on a resolution that spends no money, raises no taxes and increases no government. AmeriCorps promotes service in our community. What the hell are these guys thinking voting against that?


Maybe these Republicans need some exposure to ethical theory.

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