Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nuances and bottom lines

What I found most interesting about this graphic (source) was that last line:
'Don't know/Refused' responses not shown.

Only 5 percent of young folks "Don't know" what they think about government. Among people over 65, 14 percent "Don't know."

Considering that the older cohort had time to have a lot more experience with government, for better or worse, is this evidence that experience creates nuanced perceptions not well captured by pollsters' questions? I sometimes feel a reticence about throwing down in answer to polling, though I retain some pretty vehement bottom lines. These were succinctly summarized in something I read today:

... the fundamental project of American liberalism is bringing compassion to economic power and restraint to military power and equality to political power.

Well said, though I could carp from left of there. That's from one of those youngsters. Maybe we do have a future.

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