Monday, August 02, 2010

On the road:
Vermont discontents

This rather conventional Tea-Bagger tableau trumpets its message in the upper Connecticut Valley. The farmer wants to be sure we know his views.

It's more disturbing when he gets more specific. I asked friends about how general this sentiment might be. They doubt the feeling is general for two reasons:
  • Post 9/11, Vermont has had a chance to experience being a border state (with Canada). The interstate was littered with security checkpoints for awhile; nobody liked being stopped, especially by Border Patrolmen "from away."
  • Besides, if the Feds cut off the migrant labor stream, who is going to harvest the corn and pick the veggies? Despite the serous poverty of the area, no one except migrant Mexicans is doing this work.

This one, a little overgrown, is the most disturbing of the hay bale signs. "Stop the pork -- shoot the pig". One wonders ...

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Darlene said...

As a resident of Arizona I am dismayed that the stupidity of our Legislature and Republican governor is getting so much national attention. It just makes me sick!