Thursday, August 05, 2010

What Citizens United will do for corporations ...

That notorious decision of the Roberts Supreme Court allows corporations to throw money into electing whoever they want. No limits for big bucks contributors in the new regime ...

Target, the big box retailer, threw down $150000 to advance the campaign of Republican Tom Emmer for Governor of Minnesota. Emmer has a history of connections to anti-gay politics.

Target ran straight into Randi Reitan, who loves her gay son, and doesn't think much of Target's political bigotry. So she paid the store a visit. [2:58]

Looks like a harmless suburbanite, doesn't she? But Target is not smart to get on the wrong side of this mother. Reitan is a faithful Lutheran Christian who told the story of coming to terms with her son's sexual orientation in the film For the Bible Tells Me So. She's been arrested for supporting gay rights. People get distressed when their loved ones are treated badly.

Corporations are likely to find they risk a lot if their new political power is used for bigotry.

UPDATE: Target was in apology mode over this donation yesterday.

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