Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Back pain

Aside from an occasional respiratory illness, I don't think of myself as getting sick or becoming incapacitated.

But today, my lower back says "HA HA, fooled you! You are not so indestructible as you thought!"

She's right. Back pain to can reduce an adult woman to a screaming fetal bundle on the floor. Good drugs can enable the woman to sleep, to reduce or ignore the pain, to space out -- but not to do much more.

Here I am. Spaced and aching. The articulate adult will (I hope) return when the pain subsides ...

1 comment:

Doc Teeter said...

Boy do I understand your pain! Ever since I injured myself as a kid I have had back pain. So far, at least for me, the best solution has been using an inversion table to rotate my frame and take the pressure off of my back.

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