Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recall campaign in Wisconsin

This is too good not to post right away. If you want to help the Progressive Campaign Committee keep it on the air, donate here.

As a friend remarked the other day, progressives are taking back the streets from the Teabaggers. This is our natural terrain.

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Anonymous said...

This gave me goose bumps and inspired the 60's revolutionary in me again.

Is this going national? God I hope so. Maybe we working class need to declare WAR on the Republicans and Tea Party folks with adds like this. They have my donation.

I've been a teacher for 20+ years in Minneapolis and the Republicans in both the house and senate tried to pull the same crap the Republicans did in Wisconsin busting unions. Gov. Dayton said he wasn't playing ball. But he also said he was going to raise taxes on the wealthy here in Minnesota who only pay 8.8% while middle class folks like me pay 11-12% and the poor pay around 22%, and he hasn't. I'm waiting to see if he holds true to his promise.


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