Friday, March 18, 2011

Japanese really do use different metaphors

At least so I think. Here's a cartoon for children explaining what is happening at the damaged nuclear plants.

All I can say is, I don't think I'd like to be a little girl in Japan. But if this communicates to kids, that has to be good. I can't fathom the levels of anxiety, not to mention actual deprivation, that survivors of the last week's quake and tsunami must be experiencing.

H/t Salon.

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judy said...

Thought you might be interested in this feedback from an anthropologist network:

Nuclear Boy/Genpatsu Kun was created by Hachiya Kazuhiko, designer of PostPet characters:

This isn't necessarily kiddie stuff.

Anthropomorphization as an information flow mechanism is often aimed at adults, in ads, or in pop science discussions e.g., NHK Gatten. Here's a pollen blocking nose cream ad:

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