Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Several friends have kindly reminded me on Facebook that I have a birthday today. That's what I get for sharing in a profile. I'll share some ancient history here: I first saw this film in 1968 -- on mescaline. Those were the days. Nowadays (and for the last 40 years or so) I can't imagine having the energy to trip in a theater.

The Yellow Submarine still sails in San Francisco in a mural on a public restroom near Ocean Beach.
yellow submarine2.jpg


Kay Dennison said...

Happy Birthday, Jan!!!! Celebrate well!!!!! May you have many more I turned 64 in April. Here's the song that's been haunting me since then:


sfmike said...

Happy birthday, god(dess).

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday, Jan!

My dear brother celebrated HIS 64th two weeks ago by playing 65 holes of golf (walking and carrying his clubs... a beast!). How's THAT for "gray"?

At about the same time you watched "Yellow Submarine," I watched "Elvira Madigan" THE SAME WAY. Wowie zowie.

To ALL us survivors! And to all those we've left behind!

Many happy returns, friend I've not met.


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