Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walking the Presidentials

As you read this, I'll be coming off of the terrain above, having spent four days walking the ridgeline of the Presidential Mountains in New Hampshire. (That's not my pic; I stole it and will post some of my own when I get a chance.)

These are the mountains of my childhood, rugged but low. It's a privilege to be able to come back to them on vacation.


Darlene said...

Somehow the mountains of our childhood stay with us long after we have forgotten everything else.

My mountains were the Rockies and I grew up at the foot of Pikes Peak. I still get a lump in my throat when I go home and see it again. My hometown has changed, but that old peak remains the same.

janinsanfran said...

Hi Darlene -- I have at times had ambitions to hike Pikes Peak -- maybe someday I'll still get there -- on foot! Or not.

Yes -- the mountains endure. This was a tough trip: it's very hard for folks in the west to appreciate how rugged these small peaks can be. Photos eventually ...

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