Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rays of effing sunshine: she lives in Kathmandu chronicling climbs and climbers

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An article from Outside Magazine tells the tale of 87 year old Elizabeth Hawley:

...Hawley hasn't climbed a mountain in her life. She has interviewed, documented, and, when necessary, investigated nearly every expedition coming through Kathmandu since the country opened its doors to outsiders in the mid 1950s. She's also acted as an archival historian, collecting trip reports from as far back as 1905.

And that's a volunteer job: she gets paid for some admin work for the foundation started by mountaineer Edmund Hillary, the Himalayan Trust, and writes a few articles.

And she's clearly one awesome, smart, funny and ferocious lady. Go read about her and check out the pictures.

Photo is of Kathmandu street scene, November 2010

I don't want to just gripe here all the time. I do after all, quite frequently, encounter things and people that delight me. Hence this feature: occasional posts labeled "rays of effing sunshine."

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