Saturday, November 02, 2013

Save City College of San Francisco!

Students, teachers and friends of embattled City College of San Francisco marched on Halloween, many in costume.

They proclaimed "San Francisco would be spooky without City College!" Indeed it would. A private accreditation board (ACCJC) is trying to close the vital 85,000 student institution. The San Francisco City Attorney has sued that body:
Herrera clams the ACCJC's moves amount to payback for an on-going political disagreement over the mission of the state's community colleges.
Alongside the rally, the "the world's most dangerous tortilla art collective" was briskly heating up free quesadillas on their silk-screened creations.

If the powers-that-be succeed in destroying City College's unique mix of community enrichment, language instruction for newcomers, vocational and trade education, and academic preparation for more traditional institutions, the damage to the city is unthinkable.

1 comment:

Hattie said...

I have good memories of CCSF. How sad that it is under attack.
I love your photos,too,of the colorful people of SF.

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