Monday, July 21, 2014

Evidence that this is a strange country

A candle casts a warm glow on a restaurant table of an evening.

But the light's fluctuations seemed just a little too even to come from a real flame. That suspicion was right.

What's in it for the restaurant that encourages use of the battery operated candle? Cost of real candles? Staff time to light, extinguish and replace them? Clean up costs when customers play with dripping wax? We'll never know.


PseudoPiskie said...

A woman I know left a candle burning in her mother's house eventually causing a fatal fire. Whether it was accidental or arson/murder is a matter of opinion. I only burn candles when the power is out for an extended time in the evening. I don't like electric candles but...

And I'm seeing churches put the votives out immediately after the service. Insurance?

Hattie said...

Our neighbors have one of those ceramic firepots,and it gives a nice flame. But it's dangerous. They have been known to explode.This worries me,especially since they have two little kids,but they say they are careful.

janinsanfran said...

Interesting responses. When we were poor, we heated our freezing San Francisco apartment by running a constant flame under an inverted flowerpot on the stove. Worked okay. Eventually the pot would crack as its impurities weakened it. But it never occurred to us that this was dangerous.

My church lets votives burn out -- rather quickly I think.

chrissoup said...

Battery candles are less of a fire hazard, and they don't make me cough.

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