Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday scenes and scenery: Devils Tower, Wyoming

We hadn't thought of visiting the Devils Tower National Monument until we realized our route would bring us close to this huge rock formation. Why not go closer?

I'm certainly glad we did.

Once upon a time, vast lava flows cooled leaving these tubes of stone. You can read more at the monument link.

A 1.3 mile path circles the base. It is not hard to feel that the location is somehow sacred. But I noticed that, in contrast to the Buddhist east, circumnavigation proceeds mostly counter-clockwise. I don't know why; perhaps no reason.

The rock looks extremely solid and reliable for climbers.

At the base, prairie dogs attempt to entice tourists. For all the "no feeding" signs, they look as if they do very well.


Rain Trueax said...

We camped there once and felt a lot of what you described. It has some interesting stories connected to it in Native American mythology :)

Michael Strickland said...

Love the first photo, first time I've seen it (by proxy) in context of the surrounding countryside.

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