Friday, July 04, 2014

Maybe women need another independence day

Mr. Dickhead has really been strutting his stuff since the Hobby Lobby decision. Five old men who can't abide (uppity) women forgot an inconvenient truth:

Women typically (though not universally) spend the majority of their fertile years trying not to get pregnant.

Rachel VanSickle-Ward, TPM

My emphasis. There are 60 million women in the "fertile" age group, 16-44.

Contemporary women are not likely to take interference with our physical autonomy lightly. In fact, look for a developing swarm of hornets to descend on men who don't get it.

Meanwhile, the Dickheads flaunt their triumph over women's sexual autonomy. This stuff doesn't go over well with most of us. I assume he expects to enjoy as much "consequence free" sex as he likes.

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