Friday, July 25, 2014

Let's take note of small victories; no U.S. troops to Iraq!

Would you believe that the House of Representatives just voted (370-40) to direct the President under the War Powers Resolution

to remove United States Armed Forces, other than Armed Forces required to protect United States diplomatic facilities and personnel, from Iraq.

Not too shabby for all the struggling peace activists who've been keeping the heat on our Congresscritters.

Win Without War, a leading force in the legislative agitation, described the victory:

“Today the House of Representatives made clear that they stand with the American public, who do not want to go back to war in Iraq. By passing H. Con. Res 105 overwhelmingly, the House also sent a strong message to President Obama that there is no authorization for any escalation of US military involvement in Iraq.

The challenges in Iraq are deeply complex and there is simply not a way for America to bomb our way to a solution. While we continue to welcome the President’s opposition to sending combat troops, we remain concerned that over 800 American military personnel are currently in harms way in a nation increasingly embroiled in a violent sectarian conflict. After nearly 13 years of trying to solve such challenges militarily in Iraq and Afghanistan, with little success, the American people simply do not support another war in the Middle East. Instead, we hope today’s clear message against military escalation will encourage the President to double down on diplomatic efforts and a robust humanitarian response.”

For us all, let's remember that foreign policy is how we allow our government to treat people in other countries. That's a useful lens to remember to apply to U.S. initiatives, if in doubt.

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Hattie said...

This is actually very big good news. To undo the damage, though: probably not possible.

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