Saturday, September 05, 2015

Saturday scenes and scenery: Montara Mountain as backyard

Between the territory of San Pedro Valley County Park, McNee Ranch State Park and the federal Golden Gate Recreation Area lie acres of rugged hills, fire roads and trails just begging to be explored, less than 20 miles from downtown San Francisco.

To the north, the hillsides overlook the Linda Mar section of Pacifica.

On the south flank, the ocean comes into view. The coastside tunnel which I've written about in the past runs under the hill on the right.

A broad fire road runs along the central ridge line.

I haven't seem much wildlife lately, but this butterfly was quite accommodating about being photographed.

At this season there is plenty of this; poison oak in case you wondered.

On the lower slopes, there are healthy stands of eucalyptus.

The area makes a very special playground for city-dwellers.

1 comment:

Hattie said...

Nice that there are places like this left,even after the mostly disastrous development of the Coastside. I especially like your photo of the butterfly.

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