Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday scenes and scenery: Mt. Tam as backyard

Yes, I trained for this hiking adventure that I'm on when this posts, walking trails in Marin County. This forest is on the western portion of the Dipsea Trail.

In the early morning, there are long shadows.

Generations of trail builders have put in hundreds of switchbacks. It probably would have been better training if I could have just stomped up the hills, but if we all did that, there'd be terrible erosion, so I'm grateful.

Mount Tamalpais is famous for its mountain bikers, but these days they are mostly confined to fire roads. That highpoint in the right center of the picture is the summit.

On Mt. Tam in the morning, it is not unusual to find yourself above the clouds.

Gradually the cover peels away ...

Hey! There's a city out there ...

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