Monday, September 07, 2015

Some San Francisco workers for Labor Day

All out-takes from my other blog, 596 Precincts.

Not surprisingly, some people toiling away on the streets are a little surprised by encountering a gawker with a camera.

For others, as for this gent measuring carefully on Market St., shutting out distractions is the whole game.

Not all workers I see on the streets are men, but women are less readily visible.

Some folks' work is their art.

It's not often I catch a glimpse of someone in an office.

Here's another woman on the job. I get the sense she is some kind of supervisor, don't you?

This woman seemed to be going over paperwork at her corner store.

These guys were just happy to be off at the end of the day; let's all thank the labor movement for the weekend and this holiday!


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Hattie said...

Don't forget the ununionized and unsalaried mothers, toiling at home.

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