Saturday, February 06, 2016

Campaigns run on filled stomachs

In keeping with my ongoing interest in nuts and bolts of political campaigns, I offer this from Gawker:
In the first campaign I worked on as an adult, one of the main concerns of the field director -- sometimes it seemed the sole concern -- was how much we'd spent on pizza.

Pizza is an essential ingredient of any campaign with volunteers. Evidently Fiorina doesn't have any.

Eight years ago, I propounded my basic typology of campaign food and I doubt much has changed.

If the campaign is run by labor and the volunteers are working class people, there will be donuts.

If the campaign is run by community advocates and recruits the employees of non-profit organizations, there will be bagels.

As in many arenas, Bernie is breaking new ground. Can anyone think of a prior candidate who had this going for them?

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Hattie said...

Funny I was looking back at a comment on your blog and realize that then I saw Bernie Sanders as vital and viable as a contender for the presidency. But I don't think I realized then how old he was. This is really risky. I'm hoping that whoever wins the nomination runs with Elizabeth Warren.
No pizzas or donuts for this oldster. Maybe a little ice cream.

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