Monday, April 18, 2016

Help needed from the community

How about some help for the family of Luis Gongora-Pat, shot by the San Francisco Police Department last week? Justice4AlexNieto has set up a fundraising site.

They explain the need:

We have family authorization to carry out this fundraising effort. There are only two online donation efforts authorized: this one and a gofundme campaign by Asociación Mayab. We will continue to work closely with the family in San Francisco on preferred ways for support.

Funds will go towards:
- Financial support for the widow and children of Luis Demetrio Góngora-Pat
- An Oree Original Justice 4 Our Lives image $300
- One or two banners with artwork and flyers $100-200
- An initial t-shirt order $100
- Cost of setting up wordpress website for Justice4LuisGóngora $100

Mr. Gongoro's family has arrived from Mexico with the assistance of the Mexican government. That government has already sent a letter to the SFPD asking for a thorough investigation and for police to adopt alternatives to using lethal force. Today Luis' cousin sat in on a meeting with a sympathetic Supervisor and staff at City Hall, while other family members were working with the Mexican consulate.

The SFPD has to stop shooting first and stonewalling afterward.

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