Friday, April 08, 2016

We live among killers

Our trigger happy San Francisco police department did it again Thursday, shooting a Latino homeless man in the Mission because, they say, he threatened them with what they call an "edged weapon." He died at San Francisco General Hospital; no name has been released at this writing.[Update: his name was Luis Gongora.]

The man was reportedly “challenging” the officers, according to the police computer automated dispatch system. The officers first fired bean-bag rounds at the suspect, but shot him after he challenged them with the knife, [Police Chief Greg] Suhr said.

San Francisco Examiner

Curious. That's what they always say to defend reaching for their guns. There were witnesses who say something else.

Two of the man’s friends disputed police accounts of the encounter. John Visor, 33, and Stephanie Grant, 31, live at a homeless encampment on Shotwell and said they were roughly 10 feet from the man when police arrived.

Visor said the man was sitting by a wall when police shot him with beanbag rounds.

“He didn’t charge the officers,” Visor said. “He was going in circles. He didn’t understand what they were saying. They just shot him. They just shot him.”

Visor said the man carried a knife for safety but that he didn’t have it out when police arrived.

“Everyone carries something for safety,” Grant added.

San Francisco Chronicle

A neighborhood news provider, Mission Local, caught this interview with witnesses on video:

Friends of man shot by SFPD give statement from Mission Local on Vimeo.

Coincidently, the Justice for Mario Woods coalition had already scheduled a unity meeting at Horace Mann Middle School in the Mission. Representatives of Justice for Alex Nieto and Justice for Amilcar Perez-Lopez pledged their solidarity.

A serious, determined crowd filled the auditorium. Mayor Ed Lee -- better get your cops under control or get out of the way. Fire Suhr. Indict and fire cops who pull the trigger. License to kill without penalty should not be one of the job's prerogatives.

Displacement, suspicious fires, gentrification, and murderous cops have ignited righteous rage among the people you thought you could push aside.

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Michael Strickland said...

They are liars and murderers who couldn't care less about anybody who isn't rich. It's time to hit them in their pocketbooks because nothing else is working, and we need to get rid of this old-school Catholic high school thuggish scum who are basically an extortion racket. There is absolutely NO excuse for their well-documented misbehavior.

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