Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Somebody, somewhere, stop them before they kill again

What to do when calling the police risks summoning a gang that shoots first and investigates, badly, later? That's the situation of San Franciscans these days. The SFPD has shot four men -- 3 Latino, 1 Black -- in the last two years. If any of these men had any weapon at all, and that's disputed by witnesses, they were no match and no danger to cops with rifles and pistols. But they are dead by police bullets.

This morning at City Hall, Public Defender Jeff Adachi called on California Attorney General Kamala Harris to take enough time off from campaigning for the US Senate to carry out a full civil rights investigation of the SFPD, in light of racist text messages among officers and a "pattern and practice" of disparate treatment of black and Latino residents.

Adachi insisted: "the system is working just as it is designed" to clear out poor residents of color for the new tech gentry. The gent in the gray suit watching from behind Adachi is District Attorney George Gascon who has, to date, failed to find any cause of legal action against any of the officers involved in the four killings.

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