Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Clinton ad in response to the Republican primal scream in Cleveland

This is well done. There are places it might play well -- New England maybe and among some mainline white Protestants.
But how many of these thoughtful old guys are there left? That's a real question. I can imagine where to find them, but I haven't been in those places in years. Let's hope enough of them can overcome decades of conditioning to walk away from what has become the party of fear and hate.

Half of white mainline Protestants prefer Trump (50%), while about four-in-ten (39%) favor Clinton.

Pew Research


Hattie said...

This is using the scare factor. It's effective if manipulative.

Civic Center said...

Dear Hattie: All political ads are manipulative by their very nature.

Dear Jan: I have a friend I play golf with who's a smart, right-wing, Jewish, Chicago Republican/Libertarian who has been predicting from day one that Trump was going to lose by a McGovern style landslide, and though he's had his wavering moments wondering how this insanity was going to play out, he has stuck to his guns not only in that prediction but in putting the word out to his like-minded compatriots that they should vote against the orange-faced charlatan. There may not be a lot of people like this, but they are influential, which is what this ad is trying to tap into.

janinsanfran said...

Mike: sure hope your friend is right. Trump is dangerous. So is Hillary, but differently. So there we are.