Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Election seasons inspire maps

Love this Courtney Menard effort by way of the essential Grist.

This map should help climate hawks prepare before they head to the voting booth: It shows how people in U.S. states (plus Puerto Rico) are beginning to feel the impacts of global warming — and what voters might want to ask candidates about this fall in town halls or public forums.

While parched California burns, I'm enroute today to the land of Cape Cod flooding.


ellen kirkendall said...

And now that you are here on Cape you can see this year's gypsy moth invasion, degraded beaches and drought. Flooding will be coming right along. I don't live near the coast, but I am only 23 feet above sea level.

janinsanfran said...

Hi Ellen: Don't seem to have the gypsy moths here, but it sure does seem dry. About ten years ago, we had some kind of horrid caterpillar whose depredations killed many trees.

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