Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another San Francisco memorial

While Walking San Francisco, I spotted this under a tree in Pacific Heights.

On the other side of the tree, there were many more tributes.

Robin Williams died three years ago, but many of the rocks are fresh.

Some are from quite far away.

The memorial is a tourist attraction. As I walked on, a bus disgorged what looked to be about 15 visitors with cameras. I'm sure someone (new owners of Williams' former home?) cleans it up occasionally.

Williams was loved.


Hattie said...

How very strange. I thought One Hour Photo was his best film. He had that sad creepy thing down so perfectly. I didn't think at the time that he was playing himself, but I guess he was.

Brandon said...

Two years ago, actually.

Robin Williams's movie portrayals generally fell into one of two categories: manic (Aladdin, Good Morning Vietnam) or wistful (Good Will Hunting, What Dreams May Come). One Hour Photo was one of his later, underrated films.

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