Friday, July 22, 2016

On the run

When this post appears, I'll be cleansing the foul stench of the Cleveland GOP hate-fest from my soul, running 31 miles over these Marin Country hills. I'm running this long, beautiful, hilly course because I want to -- and to benefit the work of Californians for Justice, developing leaders of future struggles.

The EP and the FoN (Force of Nature: that's our long-time comrade and house partner) are serving as support crew, meeting me at the infrequent road crossings with liquids and snacks.

The fundraising has gone very well, drawing in 55 donors and well over $4000 so far. I'll leave the donation page up til the end of the month if anyone realizes they meant to give a bit and forgot ...

This blog will be offline on Saturday, but I promise a full report from the run as soon as I'm feeling able. And then back to the usual horrific moments and the occasional delightful surprise.

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