Saturday, March 04, 2017

Arkansas atrocity

It's hard not to feel that the coarsening climate -- the foul fog of aggression mixed with panic in which the belchings of the current administration immerse us daily -- has something to do with this planned atrocity. The governor of Arkansas has scheduled executions for these eight men, convicted murderers all, over a ten day period in April, at the rate of two a day.

Governor Hutchinson explains the rushed pace is needed because the state's supply of one of the drugs it uses to kill is about to pass expiration. Authorities may not be able to acquire more. Drug companies are stopping making products used for state killings; I guess they don't want their brand to carry that burden.

Lawyers for the men have appealed. If appeal fails and Arkansas carries out Hutchinson's plan, it is hard to imagine that such an orgy of mass slaughter will "bring closure" to the families of victims or leave Arkansas prison staff unmarked. Enough killing has already happened.

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Brandon said...

You might be interested in the latest Harper's, which has an article about the conservative case for ending the death penalty.

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