Thursday, March 09, 2017

San Francisco: Women turn out for women

On the way to the International Women's Day rally yesterday at Civic Center, I didn't know how large it would be. It had not been much publicized in the networks I'm part of.

I needn't have been concerned ... for an hour, women in red, bearing their signs, drifted across the plaza. The crowd eventually numbered over 1000, I think.

A native woman blessed the proceedings.

That's Conny Ford from the local Labor Council addressing the crowd over the completely inadequate sound system.

The best of our current batch of Supervisors, Sandra Fewer and Hillary Ronen, also took the podium.

But the best aspect of the rally, for me, was that I seemed to know more people at the mic than in the crowd. There's a new generation of activists aborning.

These ladies have got it!

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