Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday cat blogging

We've been moving some furniture around and Morty has found a new favorite perch to oversee our shenanigans.


Michael Strickland said...

Morty really is a magnificent cat, at least from the photo evidence. A very impertinent question, but I'm curious, is he closer to you or Erudite Partner? You know how cats choose their own people. My own Tiger Woods is thankfully polyamorous with me and my spouse, but he's my first experience of that phenomenon.

janinsanfran said...

Morty is not only polyamorous as far as the two of us go, in fact he's promiscuous in the extreme. He'll cheerfully try licking the hair of random first time visitors, most of whom are charmed. He makes a move on any available human. He did not like the period we had a visiting (female) cat for several months. They hissed and scampered.

I've never seen the like either. I assumed it was because he is a boy, as we've never had one of those before ... but he does seem almost uncatlike sometimes.

Classof65 said...

When we were doing cat rescue we could definitely tell who liked who the best and why. The seven we kept over seven years even developed a kind of language with their favorite person; didn't mean they didn't love/like the other, just that they felt more relaxed and comforted by their favorite. None of them liked the dog and the dog didn't like them, so, when we had a chance to adopt her out, we did so. I felt terrible when we did that and I cried, but it really was for the best all concerned. All together we rescued, spayed and neutered over 50 cats. We could have done more if we had not had the dog. The cats were squirrelly enough, not to mention adding a neurotic miniature dachshund into the mix.

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