Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Because everyone needs a clean place to take a dump

On this World Water Day, (an annual UN observance) can you help the 495 residents of the tiny rural town of La Rinconada, Nicaragua, achieve 100% sanitation coverage? That means everyone in the hamlet would have access to a clean latrine. Latrines reduce diarrhea, especially among children, and help keep well water unpolluted and safe to drink.

The community has pledged 10% of construction costs and to do all the labor, but they need materials.
  • $25 - fifteen bags of sand
  • $50 - seat & concrete slab
  • $150 - metal superstructure
  • $485 - 1 household double-pit latrine
Small sums that don't mean much to us in the U.S. can be sent along through El Porvenir, a partnership with rural Nicaraguan communities which has been doing this work for over 25 years. Please help if you can.

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