Friday, March 24, 2017

What does the Trump administration really think about torture?

General Mattis at the Department of War (so-called Defense) says he's against it. Judge Gorsuch bobbed and weaved away from questions in his hearings.

But very likely this is much more telling:

The United States has declined to join other countries in criticising China over allegations of torture against human rights lawyers.

The UK, Germany, Canada and eight others signed a letter raising concerns about lawyers and rights activists detained incommunicado for long periods.

The letter urges China to investigate torture claims against lawyer Xie Yang and others.

Independent, March 23, 2017

Guess the Great Tangerine likes him some cruelty to people who get in his way. I have no doubt he'd love to put some obstreperous lawyers on the water board, when he takes a break from trying to wrench health care away from poor people.

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Nan Lashuay said...

This recent headline comes to mind "China provisionally grants Trump 38 trademarks – including for escort service."

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