Monday, July 09, 2018

For my running friends ... a Senate candidate from our tribe

Beto O’Rourke is running to replace Ted Cruz. Literally. ...

... O’Rourke explains to me the origins of this novel campaign event, which has him running several miles under the Texas sun, stopping in the middle to take questions and lingering at the end to pose for selfies. “Some sadistic member of our team,” he recalls, “was like, ‘So we’re doing like six town halls a day in six different counties. We’re driving hundreds of miles every day, we’re visiting all 254 counties. What more could we do? Ah, get up earlier and have running town halls.’”


O’Rourke is a plausible challenger in a Texas perhaps not quite ready to turn purple, but inching toward a multi-party future in which ethnic, economic, and political diversity makes it more like other prosperous areas of the country.

The Politico story is fun and includes a much better video of Beto running which I didn't embed because I didn't trust it would play on this blog. Enjoy.

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Joared said...

That’s encouraging! Maybe there’s hope for Texas.