Friday, July 06, 2018

Friday cat blogging

So here's a tale. When we got back from the border two weeks ago, Morty seemed withdrawn. And, notably, his eyes looked oversized, like a Keene painting if you've ever seen such a thing. When we shined a light in them, there was no response.

So off to the vet we all three trooped, Morty in his box, E.P. to carry, comfort and cajole, and the driver. And pretty soon the verdict came in: Morty had outrageously high blood pressure, so high his retinas had detached. He was blind, not seeing. Fortunately there was a pill he'd have to be given daily for the rest of his life for the blood pressure. But he was blind.

So every day we gave him his pill, and the blood pressure came right down to an acceptable cat level (top number 140) -- but Morty still moped and stared into space. And then, a couple of days ago, this. At least in some lights, his eyes are functioning more normally. Can cats heal their detached retinas? Maybe.

He's certainly more adept at fighting his daily pill. Perhaps the old boy is going to be with us a little longer.


Rain Trueax said...

Cats don't take well to what is good for them but glad it's working for him anyway. We love them so much. They hate it when we are gone too. they want to dictate the world

Brandon said...

I hope Morty makes a full recovery.

Elisabeth said...

Wishing Morty a speedy recovery! He missed his parents.

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