Sunday, July 15, 2018

Freedom is a forever struggle

Katia Cardenal sang for her country, her people, and for the earth at La Pena in Berkeley last night to a packed house of Nicaraguans and friends. Banners listing the names of victims of the government's current violence against its own people hung on the stage.

Nicaragua is in trouble and danger, as are we at home. Yet Nicaraguans dance to celebrate. The demand of the peoples for justice, freedom, dignity and peace is never more than temporarily set aside or crushed; it changes form and breaks out again. Few know that better than our Central American neighbors.


Rain Trueax said...

I learned about what's going on with Nicaragua because one of the models for romance covers has a Nicaraguan wife and recently he's written about it and they have gone to some events. Central America needs help and we should care because it impacts us too-- even if our only motives are selfish.

Joared said...

We seem never to have cared as much about our South American neighbors as those on other continents. I suppose it’s partially because the majority of our nation’s ancestors are European.