Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday cat blogging from Reno

A friend asked, "why no cat blogging?" It's not that there aren't cats in Reno. I see them in the neighborhoods when I'm canvassing, but juggling a tablet and literature prevents photography.

But that doesn't mean cats play no role in my work.

Here's a story: a couple of days ago I was walking a barely built development of townhouses by a golf course. You might think this an unpromising area, but in fact many voters I met want a new Democratic Nevada senator as much as I do.

So I knock on a door and a woman opens it a tiny crack -- and immediately a tiny scrawny tan creature rushed past her and into the yard. Oh gosh, I think, I've let her little hairless chihuahua escape. She'll hate us ...

Then I realize the animal is a sphynx kitten. And, concurrently, I see that the woman is standing at the door supported by crutches.

"May I catch your sphynx and pass it to you?" I ask. These critters are not only bizarre appearing and affectionate, they are expensive, I think.

Fortunately the weird little cat doesn't fight being picked up. I pass it in the door and she blocks a small slit with her crutches. We proceed to a good conversation about how everyone needs access to medical care, how she is having surgery next week and will be homebound, but she has already made sure that she'll be able to vote for Rosen and Sisolak. Another successful conversation with a voter!

Here's a picture I snapped of one of these surreal critters when full grown. Despite their appearance, sphynx cats pretty much just behave like cats. They don't know we think they are strange looking.

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