Friday, September 07, 2018

What it is really like to work on a campaign: practice, practice, practice

Before volunteer organizers can start talking with voters at their front doors, they have to learn what Nevada candidates Jacky Rosen for U.S. Senate and Steve Sisolak for Governor are offering the public. For example, both candidates are focusing on helping Nevada's overcrowded and crumbling public schools, while also promoting a strong economy where workers can earn a living wage.

None of those issues are easy to talk about with strangers. So we practice.

Learn more about this campaign here. And come on along to take part. We'll happily incorporate volunteers for several days or more into a smart, strategic effort to replace a sitting Republican Senator who refuses to stick up for Nevadans against Donald Trump.

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Joared said...

I've done the door-to-door campaigning years in the past in more civil tolerant times. I would imagine now sensitivities may be challenged. I could imagine some role-playing for all sorts of interactive scenarios might be good practice. Hope there are some campaigners in Fresno area to explain some issues there with Nunes vs Janz.

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