Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Liberal Democrat posters




These posters have been used by the Liberal Democrats to promote their party in the May 5 British election. They would seem to violate the first law of branding, by featuring the guy they want to beat instead of their own leader. Unhappily, Charles Kennedy, the Liberal leader, seems unable to avoid falling over his own feet, verbally at least, so all the LibDems can do is run against the unpopular and untrustworthy Tony Blair.

And that Tony Blair, or at least his Labour party, seems set to win the election convincingly because you can't beat something with nothing -- and, fortunately, the immigrant-bashing, Europe-hating Conservatives are less than nothing.

Something is broken when political systems throw up choices that are not choices, pursuing aims that majorities don't share. Hmm -- where else have we seen that?

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