Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Pandemic Thanksgiving

Martha E. Menendez, Esq. writes in the Nevada Independent:

Nothing has shattered my hope and belief in humanity, particularly in that of my fellow countrymen and women, more than the way we have responded to this disease — and I’m an immigration attorney in the age of Trump so I’ve had plenty to draw from. We somehow turned an existential threat that affects us all, every last human person, into yet another political throwdown. ...

I leave it to greater minds to figure out how we will ever be able to unify our country politically. 

I’m merely imploring you from a human perspective. I am no better than anyone else; I am just as broken as the rest of you after the past four years of hate and division. I’d rather go hungry, for example, than to ever again break bread with many, many, many folks whose worldview I am now painfully aware of and find repulsive. 

But I don’t want them to die. Not a single one of them. Certainly not from this horrible disease. And yet, there are many out there who don’t care if I or their grandma does. All because a mask and some distance is somehow an attack on their God-given liberties. That, friends, is what I cannot reconcile. How do we come back from this? I ask you in earnest. 

In any case, Happy Thanksgiving. May we all make it out alive. 

Meanwhile, health workers still uphold us and their own pride in their professions.

Artist is a Persian comic, Bozorgmehr Hoseinpour. H/t Dr. Jane Jenab


Mary said...

Agree 100%..

Unknown said...

Thank you for putting our mixed up feelings into a cogent set of words. Happy Thanksgiving.

Bonnie said...

Behind in my email so missed this yesterday. All I can say is Amen.