Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Governor's Neighborhood

On opening my online LA Times this morning, I was greeted by the ad pictured above. Totally worth clicking through for a sight of the "Bush Bird" that wanders this Sesame Street parody.

Visit Schwarzenegger Street here. And, if you like, you can go on the visit the sponsor, Democratic gubernatorial aspirant Phil Angelides here. I'm as yet agnostic on whether Angelides is the right person to take on the Governator next year, but the race is very important. There is no reason except the recent inability of Democrats to govern this state that it should be led by a celebrity Republican.

On the subject of governors in national politics, Mark Schmidt has some very interesting musings at The Decembrist. Dissecting the defeat of Colorado's tax limitation measure this week, he makes the point that Republicans used to be able to claim they had a stable of governors who could claim they had made state government work -- but their anti-tax mania has ended that situation, leaving the Democrats with the better set of known leaders. He argues "governors are where presidents come from." Worth thinking about. Found the link at

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