Monday, November 14, 2005


If I didn't ever hunt for new blogs to read, I'd be missing the riches the blogosphere offers. Here are some recent finds:

The Moor Next Door writes here on the difference between the experience of Arab Americans and American Muslims and that of European Arabs and Muslims. Nouri bin Ziri had a number of interesting posts on the riots in the French "suburbs," a subject on which it has been hard to find good information.

Black Looks: Musings and Rants of an African Fem covers the enormous topic of women in Africa. The current lead post deconstructs the claim that the election of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as President of Liberia represents something utterly new for the continent.

Operation Eden is Clayton James Cubitt's chronicle of what Hurricane Katrina did to his family, with extraordinary photos. This one is a work of art -- and outrage.

Ginger Mayerson at Hackenblog always has good commentary on our world from Los Angeles, but I particularly enjoyed this post on feminism as we live it now.

For sheer beauty (and to brush up on your high school French), take a look at Sur Le Pont Des Arts.

There's a universe of great stuff out there; we owe it ourselves to look around.

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