Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

It's my book.


SuperSonicPilotForTruth said...

This is Will, who has been our bedroom-suite-bound foster cat for two years, now. Two months ago, we adopted him out to a woman who fell in love with his picture on our animal group's website:

She made friends with him, but most of the time he would moan and try to find a way out of her house, so she returned him after a couple of weeks.

Every morning I bring a cup of coffee and the newspaper to Jill, and we sit in bed reading. Of course, (this is the point of my comment) he immediately lies down on the piece she is reading, even pulling the section down so he can step onto it...

and of course we love him dearly!

janinsanfran said...

Will is beautiful! Frisker has lovely markings, but no sense (or intent) that making herself attractive will have positive results. She too is sort of a rescue, having come to us after her person of 10 years died.