Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The nanny took the day off

If you were there in one of the huge immigrant marches on Monday (and if you weren't you missed a joyous day), you might have observed that there were many, many children among the throngs. A moment's reflection makes one reason obvious.

Nannies don't have babysitters when they march. And proud Latinas and Latinos brought the whole family.

So much to see!

Some children clearly found it all a little overwhelming.

Others were simply pooped.

But I wonder, in fifteen years will they remember they marched for justice with their families? Will they work to make this a more child friendly culture? Perhaps.
Some images taken April 10, most from May 1, 2006; all San Francisco, CA.


Civic Center said...

Dear Jan: You've been linked to at Lance Mannion's wonderful site. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it? Are we celebrating immigrant nannies? Nannies are a necessary evil. Who else could raise the kids? But I only have legal help and I have a staff that comprises the gammit from Jamaicans to Americans to Colombians. Why would someone have an immigrant as a nanny? To save money?