Sunday, May 21, 2006

Impeachment update

Nice surprise this morning. As I'm skimming through my daily LA Times email, there is this headline: "Democrats McCloskey (29th C.D.) and Coleman (28th C.D.) aren't waiting 'till Nov." I've never heard of these guys, but that is not surprising as we have over 50 Congressional Districts in California, all completely gerrymandered so there are very few meaningful races. These must be some of the hopeless long shots.

The accompanying link looks like just another LA Times link: Curious, I click on it. You can too.

And here's some of what I see:

I don't know how these guys got in the LA Times email (guess this is a poorly marked ad), but I do know what I am seeing. As resistance builds against the lawlessness of the Bush regime, little acts of protest are turning up everywhere. These guys aren't going to be in Congress -- McCloskey is taking on incumbent Adam Schiff in a Glendale-Pasadena-Alhambra district that has in recent years become solidly Democratic. Coleman is being a pesky fly in Democratic power Howard Berman's district. But it is sure nice to see these guys making a splash to push their Congresscritters to do the right thing.

See also Freeway Blogger for lots of good ideas for grass roots resistance.

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