Saturday, May 13, 2006

Watching the Prez to nail his pelt to the wall

Apparently Bush intends to "secure the border" using the National Guard. That's expected to be part of his Monday speech. Huh?
  • What National Guard? Didn't they use up that pool of cannon fodder in Iraq?
  • Don't they know who joins the Guard: enterprising young people seeking a way up. Wonder how many are Latino?
  • Apparently Bush wants to make himself into Pete Wilson. This move may serve him in this year's elections, but the Republicans can forget the Latino vote, especially after some National Guardsman shoots some unfortunate U.S. citizen who happens to be brown.
The nice thing about this is that we can expect that one of the places Bush will hurt the GOP most is Texas.

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Anonymous said...

soldiers shooting a brown citizen already happened in texas - a teenage shepherd was killed back in the 90s... texas loves bush anyways.