Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gear experiment on San Bruno Mountain

The air was warm, the breezes light, the sky as blue as it gets amid the Bay Area smog. So yesterday I headed off for San Bruno Mountain to try a gear experiment.

This harness holds the camera in front of me, freeing both hands. I can run in this rig -- or at least trot rapidly. I've been looking for something like it for awhile. Photography is possible, though sweaty. Take a look.

The mountain is not, itself, photogenic. It is a hard, rocky out-cropping, the northernmost bit of the Santa Cruz mountains, surrounded by city and suburbia. Its trails are usually empty. Its wind-whipped, brush covered sides are not particularly scenic. I love it. There is more green this time of year than any other time.

Trails wind through impenetrable scrub growth.

At this season, there are poppies.

And wild iris.

And swaths of what I think is yellow broom.

There was also plenty of this pretty weed -- poison oak.

Not a bad view of downtown San Francisco.

Earnest park enthusiasts work hard at eradicating non-native planets on the mountain. But these tall, straight eucalyptus provide a lovely avenue on its lower flank.

The camera harness works fine. The experiment is a success. I'll have to come back and photograph the mountain again when it assumes its normal, parched gold color.

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