Sunday, April 27, 2008

Health insurance blues

Yesterday, the NFL football team I root for, the currently hapless 49ers, picked up a new hunk of beef. Chosen 39th in the draft, he's Chilo Rachel, a 6-5, 313-pound guard. He had left that fine football factory, the University of Southern California, a year early to take his chances on the NFL. Why go out early?

...his mother, Veronica Pinkette had a stomach tumor. "She didn't have health insurance," Rachel said. "It was a really hard decision to make," Rachel said.

San Francisco Chronicle,
April 26, 2008

Let's hope it works out for Rachel, his mother and the 49ers.

Ron Wyden, a Democratic Senator from Oregon, who doesn't have to run for office this year, is promoting a health care plan that would do away with the need for people to organize their lives around health keeping insurance. His video is just a little too true -- and funny as well. Take a look.

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