Monday, April 14, 2008

Mandela needs a special pass

Did you know that South Africa's ninety year old former President and members of the African National Congress, the party which the led the struggle to end white rule and won the country's democratic elections in 1994, are included on one of those U.S. government "terrorist" watch lists?

No, I didn't know either. Though I can't say I am surprised. For more on various watch list absurdities, try this link.

Apparently it is going to take legislation to get Africa's venerable freedom fighter off the list. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, (D-CA-9) is pushing a bill to accomplish what some mortified bureaucrat with access to the data base should have done years ago. She explains:

It is ridiculous to classify national figures, like former South African President Nelson Mandela, as terrorists solely because they held membership with the African National Congress, an organization that fought against Apartheid. They should have never been placed on these watch lists and it is past time we correct this wrong.

And somebody -- get the keepers of these lists heads examined.

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Jane R said...

Oh, Jesus.

Actually... they'd probably have Jesus on the list!

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