Saturday, June 07, 2008

A fire that burned everything...

Faiza Al-Arji, formerly of Baghdad, now living in Amman, Jordan, speaks in the language of prophets:

The war against Iraq was a fire that burned everything -- as we used to say: the green and the dry, in Iraq… then it started sneaking into neighboring countries, then to other world countries; not necessarily in the form of violence and explosions, but the deteriorating economy, the rising costs of living, poverty, and the shortages in employment prospects, all these are side effects of wars, which spread to hit the close and the far-off ones, touching their lives and their pockets; those selfish ignorant fools from the nations of Europe and America; the financial crisis will touch their pockets, and one day they will move in anger to ask their governments what have they done to them, to ask the corrupt decision makers what have they done to them, but then it would be too late, for then the devastation and ruin might have reached a non-controllable point…

And when the love of injustice prevails, when that becomes accepted and favored in people's hearts, they should wait for dire consequences from God; the Lord of heaven and earth… it doesn't matter whether they believe in Him or not, that's their problem…The important thing is -- that He sees and hears, His is the true judgment, leaving no small matter or big out of count….

And that who spent his life ignorant, with a blind insight, not blind eyes, shall be sorry in the end, for not putting forward any justice, or pushing back an injustice…

We ask God that we shall not be among these people, but among those who install justice and peace on this earth….
Peace be upon you…..

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And while you are at it, you might want to check out the stories being written by, among others, my friend Gerald Lenoir, from a People of Color Delegation currently traveling in Israel/Palestine.

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